Interactive & Children's Theatre

Mary Pat Murphy is Getting Hitched

Interactive Adult theater at it's best. The audience are guests at the wedding between Mary Pat who comes from an Irish family with police roots and her fiancé's who is Italian and connected to the mob.

What could possibly go wrong.

The Ballad of Tucker Stump

A country singer, his family and an assassination take place during this audience driven murder mystery who done it..

Wizard of Wonder Oz land

Imagine what would happen if Alice fell down the hole and landed in Oz on the same day that Dorothy's house landed on the Witch. Together they must find their way back while meeting challenges from familiar friend and foes.

Tom and Huck

Twain's classic boy's find themselves in another hot mess. This time they stow away on a Mississippi gambling riverboat destined for New Orleans.

Snow White's One Magic Kiss

We all know the story, one kiss will wake Sleeping Beauty, but what about Snow White who lives with seven, count them, seven completely different men. 

Tales of Robin Hood

What happens after the marriage of Robin Hood to Maid Marian? The adventure must continue as told through the eyes of Friar Tuck and the rest of the merry men of Sherwood Forest..

Valhalla LIVE!

A very special look into the world of the Vikings and their gods living in Valhall

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