Historical Dramas

The Last Disciple 

The story of the disciple John, who struggles with his humanity and who at times feels unworthy to be in the presence of the Lord, as he sits in exile contemplating writing his Gospel and the book of Revelations. This story gives great hope to us all as we go through life struggling with many of the same emotions and doubts. 

A Conversation with Twain

An intimate conversation with America's most famous humorist and author. Relive the days of America in its earliest times as Twain recounts some of his most famous stories and interjects his unique opinions on such topics as Congress, Prohibition, War and Slavery.

A Man Called Ebenezer Scrooge

Perfect for holiday parties. Charles Dickens's famous character defends himself as being painted wrongly by the author. He lays out, in a logical and humorist journey through 'A Christmas Carol,' how he was misunderstood and really is a great guy.  

My Friend Sherlock Holmes

Dr. Watson, Sherlock Holmes's famous sidekick tells stories never before heard about his relationship, the idiosyncrasies of Sherlock, and who really solved some of London's most famous crimes.

Poirot, Mon Ami

Agatha Christies famous detective meets up with his colleague Captain Hasting in the pursuit of solving a mystery in a way that made Poirot a favorite.

Poet of Mt. Olympus

Homer makes a pact with the Gods of Mt. Olympus to become a famous poet with the telling of the battle of Troy. He ignored the fine print and 2,000 years later is still telling stories  of the horrors of war.  

Good Night and May God Bless - Red Skeleton and Friends

Indiana's very own America's Clown Prince, a tribute which includes many of Red Skeltons' favorite skits and personalities such as Freddie the Freeloader, Clem Kaddiddlehopper and more.

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